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Your Pregnancy December 14, 2012
Hi Mom-to-Be
All About Baby

So, you still have a week or two to go before there's even a baby to talk about, but under certain terms you're already two weeks pregnant. We know, we know--it's confusing. At this point things are still separate: the sperm (which is like a cellular Lamborghini: lean and fast, with little more than a nucleus and a long whip-like tail) and the egg. Next week, if all goes as planned, is when it all comes together.

All About You

You've just finished the last period you'll have for quite some time (we expect) and, in your desire to get pregnant, you probably notice pregnant women and small babies everywhere: on the bus, in the supermarket, at the park. With any luck, this time next year you'll be the proud mama with the baby in her arms and the spit-up on her shoulder. In the meantime, your vaginal discharge is still quite thick and acidic (an inhospitable locale for runaway sperm), and your body temperature is normal as an egg ripens in your ovaries to be released next week.

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To Do This Week

Start discussing baby names

Get your daily dose of folic acid

Begin researching hospitals

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Buying for Your Bump

Just how big are you gonna get? Keep track with the Mommy Measure.

When you're dreaming about nursery decor


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"Because everything happened so fast--marriage, moving, baby, career change--I didn't really feel prepared, but then I didn't have time to worry either!"--Saryn

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